Every once in a while we receive a phone call from a parent: “my son/daughter was hit in the mouth with a ball” or “my son/daughter collided with another child and was hit in the mouth.” Most of the time these injuries are minor. They may break a bracket or ties. Occasionally a child ends up in the emergency room with major trauma. If you wear a mouth guard much of this could be completely avoided or minimized. This is why we highly recommend to all of our patients who play sports to wear a mouth guard. Consider that athletes wear various protective equipment to protect their bodies. They do this to prevent injury or lessen their risk of it. The same is with wearing a mouth guard to protect your teeth.

Studies show that mouth guards reduce football and baseball injuries. Knowing this to be true, why wouldn’t an individual not wear a simple appliance to protect the health of their teeth. There is a wide range of mouth guards available, ranging in price from $2 to hundreds of dollars. By wearing a mouth guard your child will lessen the risk of damaging their teeth regardless of which one they have chosen to wear. The best mouth guard is usually custom made and will cost from $100 and more, but it will be more comfortable and provides the greatest protection. As an orthodontic patient you cannot wear a custom made one until treatment is completed. During the course of your treatment at Bordentown Braces or Cream Ridge Orthodontics, Dr. Newman will provide you with an appropriate “orthodontic” mouth guard while being treated. After treatment is completed we recommend a custom made one. Remember to clean your mouth guards daily to prevent the buildup of bacteria. Play your sport with as much effort as possible, but make sure to protect your teeth with a mouth guard.